Wanna Go Faster?

by cason on March 3, 2013

Modern humans, being an impatient lot, want to go from fantasy to reality instantaneously.  Who wouldn’t?  That would be awesome:  Think it, and it appears, no work involved.  Ah, that’s the life…

Unfortunately, dream fulfillment rarely happens this way.  The Mastery process can help, but nearly all the time, there’s a gap.  In that gap between your dream and its fulfillment is action.  There are, almost always, actions to take to have the dream become real in your life.  If you know what actions are needed, you’re motivated to take them, and you in fact take them, your dream becomes real.

Many times there’s a wider gap however, one in which there are obstacles to taking action.  Before action can be taken, those obstacles require detection, identification, reflection and resolution.  Once the obstacle or obstacles are cleared, action ensues, and dreams become real.

The key to velocity dream fulfillment is to detect, identify, reflect on and resolve each obstacle, then take the actions needed to fulfill your dream.  That’s it.  It’s no more complicated than that.

In subsequent posts, we’ll discuss how to detect, identify, reflect on and resolve each obstacle.  The faster you get at this, the faster you will see your dreams fulfilled.  It may not be instantaneous, but it will get a lot closer!


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