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Talking to Community: The focus of this next transition is building awareness. Now that you have a solid starting point of what you know, what you don’t know, and who you know you can begin having conversations with your community about your vision. At this point additional energy and momentum is built in the enthusiasm and excitement that speaking your vision out loud brings. Now that these conversations are happening outside your most trusted circle the emotional response to barriers will shift. Things to consider during this transition are: how you share, your relationship to sharing, people’s responses to the sharing and your response to how they receive your sharing. One of the biggest and most important realizations to come to terms with during this transition is that you are necessary, but not sufficient. You need resources beyond your own, you need people, stuff, and money to get it all done and the likelihood is that you don’t have all of it. This is ok. You likely won’t be able to get to probability on your own; you will need other people.

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