Transitioning between Fantasy and Possibility


Why do some ideas die?  Well, clearly the ideas themselves don’t die, but the energy that sparked them can die in transition from idea to possibility.  You can reenergize an idea, and this often happens after people put an idea on the “back burner” to come back to it later.


Lots of dreams and ideas fade away.  What takes ideas to the next level?


The energy that an idea sparks either continues or dissipates, depending on the idea creator’s ongoing interest in that idea, and what the creator then DOES with that interest.  So, the transition between and Idea and a Possibility is Intention.


Intention is the idea creator’s expression of ongoing (even if short) interest in the idea.  Does the creator intend to pursue the idea?  If the creator has no intention to pursue the idea, it runs out of energy.  If the creator does intend to pursue it, the idea transitions to the realm of the possible.

A possibility is an idea that has gone from spark to fire.  Scientifically, a spark transitions to fire when it makes contact with a fuel source—wood, gas, etc.  The fuel source for an idea to become possibility, a spark to a fire, is intention.  The fire that Intention fuels opens a space in the mind of the idea creator.  This space is the space of possibility, where anything is possible, where brainstorming occurs, where “thoughts and ideas run wild”!


The key to successfully exploring the world of possibility it to allow yourself the freedom to have wild ideas.  Possibility is a world of expansion, and judgment has no place here.  Judgment will come later in the process, so reserve it for then.  Create a means for capturing the brainstorm, and feel free to invite others to the party.


Energy will build around an idea during possibility.  The key is not to force the energy.  If it’s not coming, try a different path, or connect a different idea with this one.  If the idea runs out of energy for you entirely, then it’s ok to put the idea away and call it good.

There will come a point when you have done enough brainstorming for now—this will have a natural completion feeling to it.  Honor that feeling!


Start looking for duplications.  Look for natural patterns to emerge:  do some ideas go together?  Do some seem more interesting than others?  What resonates the most with you?


You may decide that you’re done at this point.  You may not see any possibilities that move or inspire you.  You may also find several that inspire you, and you want to do them all!  That’s perfectly ok as well.


The key to getting from possibility to probability is Choosing.  Choosing a possibility to explore more deeply, to learn what elements are necessary and sufficient to fulfill the dream, the idea.  To learn what resources you have, and what you will need.


Trap!  Choosing one possibility does NOT invalidate the other possibilities, nor does choosing one mean that you can’t choose a different one later!  You may find that, through probability, the possibility you are exploring has elements that don’t work for you.  You may want to explore a different possibility, or combine elements of different possibilities and explore that instead.


There will most likely be many possible paths for the idea to take, and at this point in the process, that’s not only fine, that’s great!  All possibilities are valid, and valuable.

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