Fantasy To Reality: The DreamSpace Structure

Get ready to dive in, because here it is–the DreamSpace structure that, once mastered, allows for the fulfillment of any possibility you can dream up:

Fulfilling any dream happens in 5 phases and 4 transitions.  Each phase is a state of being or experience.  As you do the work to fulfill your dream, you will experience yourself and the dream being in each phase, progressively.  Yes, there is work to do in each phase, and work to do to transition between each phase.

The 5 phases are:

Fantasy:  The vision of what the idea or dream will be like when it is real. Nothing concrete yet, but the vision is created and felt.

Possibility:  Some obstacles or barriers have been removed, and the vision gathers some reality to it. You see better, not just the vision, but how it might become real through your actions and the actions of others. Your confidence in that vision and your ability to get it done increases.

Probability:  More obstacles are cleared. Resources are starting to come to your idea, potentially including other people engaged in fulfilling your vision as well. There are hurdles left, but you’re gathering momentum, and you can feel it.

Inevitability:   The path to reality is clear—the resources to engage, the actions to take. Momentum is in full swing. What’s left are taking the actions and opening the doors of any remaining obstacles.

Reality:  The vision is real, in every sense. You and everyone involved experience the value of the vision made real. Your life now IS what you envisioned—it’s part of the fabric of your life in every way.

The 4 transitions are:

Fantasy to Possibility:  Moving from fun idea to exploring if it’s possible, you begin to research, ask questions, share with others about your dream, and your work yields feedback.  The question you’re asking and answering is “Is this a good idea?”.

Possibility to Probability:  Now that you’re reasonably confident it’s a good idea and you’ve done the work of Possibility to more fully define the dream and the actions necessary to do it, you ask the question “Can it be done, and can I do it?”

Probability to Inevitability: The work of Probability has yielded resources to fulfill your dream, and you’re ready to get to work.  Only thing missing is a plan, so you ask yourself “How, step by step, is this dream going to come to life?”

Inevitabililty to Reality:  Full plan in place, resources working with you, actions happening every moment, all that’s left is your intention and commitment to work through all remaining obstacles to see your dream become your reality.

To go more in depth about each phase and transition, click on its name above.  Welcome to your dream fulfillment future!

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