Stop Hitting Your Head Against the Wall

by cason on March 3, 2013

Obstacles are Doors, not Walls

The first rush of obstacles to dream fulfillment often feels overwhelming and deflating. How could you possibly work through all that muck to have your dream become real? That’s just too much work.

Here’s a well-kept secret: There will never NOT be obstacles in fulfilling your dreams.  There will always be challenges to bringing your dreams to reality.  The good news is that this is…good news!  Altering your experience of obstacles through fulfilling your dreams will alter your life, no kidding.  Here’s how:

The existence of obstacles is irrelevant.  The key to resolving obstacles is in your RELATIONSHIP to those obstacles, not the EXISTENCE of them.  And your relationship to them is something you can CHOOSE.

Consider that your relationship to an obstacle could be experienced as a wall or a door.  With a wall, you get stopped with nowhere else to go.  With a door, there’s some work to do, but you can go through it.

The other well-kept secret is that dream fulfillment doesn’t require you to remove all obstacles at once. Dream fulfillment does require that you do the work, one door at a time.

So ask yourself, does this obstacle stop you like a wall, or does it show you the door of opportunity to learn and grow?

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