Ok…now what?

by cason on March 3, 2013

The trick with Mastery is that once you start to get good at delivering on the random dreams in your life, they start to lose their novelty, and you want something deeper, something that is connects.  You start to say “I could do that, but why?  What’s the value in that?”  In other words, You. Get. Bored.  What to do next?  Everything seems so trivial…

What if the core of Anything is Possible isn’t about doing at all?  What if what you’re really choosing isn’t what to do, but who you’re being?  Who you’re being gives you everything you do.

Once you get clear on who you are, who you are being, your interest in specific possibilities, choices, become clear, not because you think you can or can’t DO them (you know that you can), but because the choice either is an expression of who you are or it is not.

The key then is to 1) explore and learn who you are, and 2) practice choosing what you do as consistent with who you are.  These choices can be tough, and there can be consequences and associated pain to you and potentially others.

If you focus on the core of who you are, then any doing choice you make doesn’t invalidate anything is possible, the choice is an expression of anything being possible, no better or worse than any other choice, but most importantly it’s a reflection of who you know yourself to be.

No doing possibility dies when you choose one specific thing to do.  Remember, you’re starting with who you’re being, and you explore and try out/on who you’re being through what you do.  Don’t worry about how your life will be judged.  You won’t be there to hear it!  The real question is how are you judging yourself?  How do YOU judge your life?  You get to write you own obituary while you’re alive.  What do you want it to say?

The better you get at understanding who you are, and the better you get at choosing to take actions consistent with you are, the happier, more rewarding, and more fulfilling, your life will occur to you.

So, who are you?

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