How Anything is Possible

by cason on March 3, 2013

We say that anything is possible all the time.  We see it on billboards, hear it on TV shows, and see commercials designed to give us an experience of anything being possible.  And if we’re willing to set aside any cynicism about the notion, we can find ourselves truly excited by the idea that anything we want, anything we can dream, we can create.   That there’s no reality we can’t invent and bring to life.

And yet…if it’s true that anything is possible, then it begs the question:  How?  How can we create  anything we want, any dream we have?  How can we bring that dream to life?  What are the steps to take, and why does it feel so impossible?

Exploring these questions is the purpose of the content on this site and of the community enaging with it.  It will guide you in the specifics and provide you a platform to practice fulfilling your dreams, from your first attempts all the way to mastering the art of dream fulfillment.

For those who like to read the end of the book first:

The Dream Fulfillment formula:  Idea-obstacles+committed action=fulfillment

The Dream Fulfillment stages:

  • Fantasy
  • Possibility
  • Probability
  • Inevitability
  • Reality

Some questions you might be asking:

  • Why does it feel so impossible?  Because you’re interacting with obstacles like they’re walls, not doors.
  • What are the steps to take?  Each stage has its own work, which you can walk through here. 
  • How can I bring my dream to life? Apply the formula through the 5 stages of dream fulfillment, and your dream, no matter what it is, will become your reality.
  • Does this really work?  Yes, it does.
  • Does it work on any kind of dream?  Yes, it does.
  • How?  It works because this is the art and practice of creating.  The specific content can be whatever you choose, because the act of creating is the same, regardless of the content.  It’s the same act whether you’re making a pizza or a symphony, a business or a skyscraper.

Navigating this site:

  • Structure:  In-depth reviews of each stage and the transitions between stages
  • Practice:  The actions to take to complete each stage
  • Mastery:  Expanding your ability to fulfill any dream you have
  • Articles:  Further explorations on the dream fulfillment process
  • Resources:  Materials to help guide your exploration

If you’re intrigued, we invite you to read on, explore, share your ideas, and practice the art of creating to fulfill your dreams!

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